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Choosing an eye doctor or surgeon in Gastonia is an important task. All Cataract surgical procedures have the highest success rates. Experienced Gastonia eye doctors and cataract surgeons can easily handle the uncomplicated procedures which involves the removal of your eye’s clouded natural lens. After the removal, they replace it with standard artificial lens intraocular lens (IOL). The implantation of the premium IOL may need extra skills and expertise.

Standard and premium cataract lenses

The IOLs available for the cataract surgery provide great distance vision. However, the patients may also need reading glasses to enhance the near vision. It is possible to have a Monovision whereby the surgeon corrects one eye for distance vision and the other for near vision. The standard IOLs provides single focusing distance as far or near.


FDA has approved the latest premium IOLs. The IOLs can effectively restore vision at various distances. If you decide to select the premium lenses, you should ensure that eye Drs at the eye clinic you have selected have adequate experience and can perform the necessary procedure. This way you will get a good visual outcome.

There are many insurance companies that cover the standard IOL implantation costs. If you want the premium lenses, you will pay more for the procedure on your both eyes. The cost should cover the expensive lenses that need specific advanced surgical techniques.

Whether you need a standard or a premium IOL, you should be careful when choosing a cataract surgeon. The higher costs of the premium lenses, the optical factors and the physical factors may limit you from getting the surgical treatment. Most people choose cataract surgeons who perform the standard surgery using the single vision IOLs.

Primary eye care

Gastonia NC eye doctors are qualified and highly trained to offer the best comprehensive eye care for your entire family. They are able to conduct routine eye exams, diagnosis and management of eye diseases and visual disorders. They also have adequate training in contact lens fitting and in the latest medical technology.


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